Course event

Snowcoming & Kindness Week

Monday, 22 January, 12:00 AM » Friday, 26 January, 12:00 AM

Monday-Blue Crew Day

Tuesday-Tie Dye Day

Wednesday-Dad Day

Thursday-Squad Day

Friday-Whiteout Day

Course event

Snowcoming Guest Dance Passes Due - 4:00 PM

Wednesday, 24 January, 4:00 PM

Dance passes for Snowcoming are due by 4:00 PM.  Please be reminded that we do NOT fax passes to other schools for signatures.

It is the student's responsibility to get the required signatures.

Course event

Josten's Freshmen Class Meeting

Friday, 26 January, 10:30 AM
Course event

Jostens-class ring orders-lunches & conferences

Thursday, 1 February, 12:00 AM
Course event

HS Conferences-classrooms

Thursday, 1 February, 5:30 PM » 7:30 PM
Course event

Professional Dev. Day-1/2 day (K-12)11:50 dismissal

Friday, 9 February, 12:00 AM