Topic outline

  • 6th Grade Language Arts

    October 2-6

    Monday- Book Party! (pass out book reports)/Discuss quiz 

    Tuesday- Compare/contrast Essay

    Wednesday- SCOPE Magazine (reading)

    Thursday- Hurricane Heroes from Literature Book

    Friday- Kahoot or make-up day, library

    *Field trip to the Northmen Stadium Friday

    October 9-13

    Monday- Scope "From War to America"

    Tuesday- "Dragon, Dragon" vocabulary

    Wednesday- Read "Dragon, Dragon"

    Thursday- Open-book Quiz "Dragon, Dragon"


    ***Candy goes home on Friday!!***

    October 16th-20th

    Monday- Discuss quizzes/ Finish writing Fairy Tale

    Tuesday- Share stories/ Finish Triple Venn

    Wednesday- Start Grammar Unit- Nouns (Lesson 9.1 identifying nouns)

    Thursday- Lesson 9.2 Possessive Nouns

    Friday- 1/2 DAY