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    William Arthur

    1st Semester Fall 2012 Schedule

    1st Semester 2nd Semester Time Of day
    1st Hour General P.E. Planning Period 8:20-9:19
    2nd Hour Freshmen P.E. Athletes P.E. 9:24-10:23
    3rd Hour General P.E. General P.E. 10:28-11:27
    Lunch Lunch Lunch 11:33-11:058
    4th Hour General P.E. Freshmen P.E. 12:03-1:02
    5th Hour Freshmen P.E. Freshmen P.E. 1:07-2:06
    6th Hour Planning Period General P.E. 2:11-3:10

    Office: Male P.E. Lockeroom

    Phone: 231-348-2132

    E-mail Address:

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