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  • 7th Grade Lesson Plans & Worksheets

    Monday 9/11 Pass out text books- Introduction to Matter.  Read pg 2-3.  Do Mystery Bottle Activity.  Check and turn in Mystery Bottle Activity.

    Homework:    none.

    Tuesday 9/12 -  Science NWEA Test. 

    Homework:  none 

    Wednesday 9/13 -  Finish Bottle Activity.  New sketches and test tickets assigned, due day of test.  (about 2 weeks).  Put class info into sketchbook/binder. Bell Ringer- List in your sketchbook or binder what you think some of the components might be for the following items: loaf of bread, textbook, bicycle.  Begin sketches and test tickets, if time. 

    Homework:  none

    Thursday 9/14 - Bell Ringer- What are two properties of of all matter?    Read and discuss pgs. 2-6. Do Quick Lab- Space Case pg. 4.  Continue sketches and test tickets, if time.  

    Homework:  none. 

    Friday 9/15 -  Bell Ringer- How is Volume measured?  How do you think mass is measured?  Continue reading/discussing pgs. 2-6.  Do Math Break-Calculating Volume pg. 6 (in sketchbook or binder).  Work on sketches and test tickets, if time.  

    Homework:   None.

    Monday 9/18-  Bell Ringer- How do you think you measure the volume of irregular shaped objects?   Do 'Volumania' lab pgs. 134-135.   Continue sketches and test tickets, if time. 

    Homework: Volumania' Lab, if not done.

    Tuesday 9/19-  Bell Ringer-  Imagine the following items resting side by side on a table: an elephant, a tennis ball, a peanut , a bowling ball and a housefly.  List them in order of their attraction to the Earth due to gravity from the least to the greatest.  Follow your list with an explanation of why you arranged the items in the order that you did.    Check and collect 'Volumania' lab pgs. 134-135. Read and discuss pg. 7-10 and do directed reading worksheet 1-1 'What is Matter?'.  Work on sketches and test tickets, if time.  

    Homework:  none

    Wednesday 9/20-  Finish directed reading worksheet 1-1.   Play page 11 Activity- 20 questions.  Read/discuss pgs. 11-13 and do Math Break pg. 13- Density.  Continue working on sketches and test tickets. 

    Homework: directed reading worksheet 1-1, if not done. 

    Thursday 9/21-  Check and collect directed reading worksheet 1-1.  Read/discuss pg. 14 and demonstrate Layering Liquids pg. 137.  Work on sketches and test tickets. 

    Homework: none. 

    Friday 9/22-  Bell ringer:  List 3 physical properties of water.  Do Determining Density lab.  Work on sketches and test tickets

    Homework: Determining Density lab, if not done. 

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    6th Grade Lesson Plans & Worksheets

    Monday 9/11-  Do All About Me..... page. What's in the Bag Activity? in relation to science observation skills.  Reference Sheets: Grading Policy, Units, Blank Lab Sheet, Lab Report Explanation Sheet, Lab Rubric.  Discuss Journals and Target Statements.  

    Homework:   None. 

    Tuesday 9/12 -  Journal-  What is Science and Jennifer Thomas- Illumination.   Finish discussing references from yesterday.   Play "Changes".  Observe small and large changes.  Terms to Learn- Observation. See Observation Guide.   Scientific Diagram of something in our classroom.  Draw, title, label, explain, (color?)  If time, play 'scrambled' observation game.  

    Homework:  none

    Wednesday 9/13-  NWEA Science Test or Science Processing Skills Activities.  

    Homework:  Hug your parents.

    Thursday 9/14-  Journal- Variables and control.  Terms to Learn Independent and Dependent Variable, Control.  Begin Independent, Dependent and Controlled Variables worksheet with a partner.     

    Homework:    none

    Friday 9/15-    Continue Independent, Dependent and Controlled Variables worksheets.  

    Homework:    none.    

    Monday 9/18-   Finish Dependent, Independent and Controlled Variables worksheets. Journal Question and Hypotheses. Terms to Learn Question and Hypothesis.  Evaluate your M&M lab questions and hypothesis with rubric.  Rewrite questions and hypothesis- Think, pair, share.  Watch Scholastic Jams and fill out question sheet.

    Homework:   Finish Dependent, Independent and Controlled Variables worksheets, if not done.

    Tuesday 9/19:  Check and collect Independent, Dependent and Controlled Variables worksheets.  Journal- Scientific Method Steps.  Terms to Learn: Procedure.  Lego Activity.   

    Homework:  Rewrite M&M lab Procedure. 

    Wednesday 9/20:  Journal Qualitative and Quantitative.  Terms to Learn:  Qualitative and Quantitative Data.  Evaluate M&M lab, identify types of data.  Object to Observe Partner Activity.  

    Homework:  none

    Thursday 9/21:  Journal- Data Analysis, Graphs.  Terms to Learn: Data and Graphing: x-axis = independent variable, y-axis = dependent variable. Evaluate M&M lab.  Graph data from lab.  

    Homework:  none

    Friday 9/22:  Journal Conclusion Writing.  Terms to Learn: Conclusion Evaluate M&M Lab Conclusion with rubric.  Rewrite conclusion.  Think, Pair, Share.  

    Homework:  Help with chores around house this weekend.