Topic outline

  • Science Lesson Plans

    Monday 10/1:  Finish remaining work from Friday.  Compare notebooks to be sure students have what they need for tomorrows Investigation 2 I-Check.

    Tuesday 10/2:   Sections 7-7 and 7-8 take Investigation 2 I-Check using notebooks.  Sections 7-6 and 7-5 go to Camp Daggett. 

    Wednesday 10/3:   Sections 7-5 and 7-6 take Investigation 2 I-Check using notebooks.  Sections 7-7 and 7-8 go to Camp Daggett.  

    Thursday 10/4:  Go over Investigation 2 I-Check.  Begin Investigation 3.  

    Friday 10/5: Watch  The Day After Tomorrow

    Monday 10/8: Watch  The Day After Tomorrow

    Tuesday 10/9: Science NWEA

    Wednesday 10/10: Science NWEA

    Thursday 10/11: Finish investigation 3, part 1, session 1. Discuss fluids in oil/water bottles.   Conduct an investigation to layer 4 liquids of different densities in the Layering Liquids Experiment.  Analyze the composition of the four liquids.  

    Friday 10/12:   Investigation 3, part 1, session 2.  Develop Particle Model using notebook sheet 9 Straw Column.  Review layering and density. Focus Question:  What is the relationship between laying of fluids and density?  Use data from layering liquids to develop the algorithm for calculating density and then calculate density.   

    Monday 10/15: Investigation 3, part 1, session 3.  Calculate the density of the four liquids.  Discuss density and its relationship to layering of fluids.  Review vocabulary and answer focus question 'What is the relationship between laying of fluids and density?'.   Communicate understanding on the response sheet.   

    Tuesday 10/16:  Watch Movies on Atmosphere and Wind. 

    Wednesday 10/17: Investigation 3, part 2, session 1. Review density and the particle model for liquids.  Explore the effect of temperature on density of water and form layers with water of different temperatures. Discuss and analyze results.  Begin to build a model for density based on temperature.

    Thursday 10/18: Investigation 3, part 2, session 2.  Develop a particle model for water density. Use the particle model to discuss convection and energy transfer.  Identify big ideas about density.  read "Density " article and discuss Think Questions. Review vocabulary and answer the focus question 'how does heat affect density of fluids?'  Read "Density with Dey" if time.  

    Friday 10/19: Finish Investigation 3, part 2, session 2.  

    Monday 10/22:  Investigation 3, part 3, session 1. Discuss convection in the atmosphere.  Observe air movement in a convection chamber.  Discuss convection chamber observations and make connections to air pressure and wind. Explore convection cells in liquids and air using online activity.  Review vocabulary and answer the focus question "How do gases flow in the atmosphere?"  Read "Convection" article and take notes.  Identify key ideas about density and convection and answer the guiding question "How does density drive convection in the atmosphere?".  

    Tuesday 10/23:  Investigation 3, part 3, session 2.  Demonstrate understanding by responding to the Investigation 3- I-Check.  

    Wednesday 10/24:  Go over Investigation 3 I-Check. Make corrections if eligible (C+ grade or less).  

    Thursday 10/25:  Investigation 4, part 1, session 1.  Begin to analyze weather data for various locations.  Formalize definitions of weather and climate.  Use climate graphs to investigate climate of Minneapolis.  Discuss the study of climate, climatology.  

    Friday 10/26:  Begin Reality Store Preparation.