Topic outline

  • 7th Grade Lesson Plans & Worksheets

    Monday 4/16:    Snow Day

    Tuesday 4/17:     Snow Day

    Wednesday 4/18:  Take chapter 1 test 'The Energy of Waves'..

    Thursday 4/19:   Go over chapter 1 tests.  Power Point for Chapter 2 section 1 'What is Sound?'.  Demonstrate Start Up activity pg. 29 (using a real guitar).  Do Quick Lab Good Vibrations pg. 31.  Skim 

    Friday 4/20:   Watch 2-1 Power Point.  Skim chapter 2 section 1 'The Nature of Waves'.  Do Directed Reading Worksheet 2-1 'What Is Sound?'  Begin test notes. 

    Monday 4/23:   Science NWEA testing 

    Tuesday 4/24:   Science NWEA testing

    Wednesday 4/25:     Block Schedule for 1st and 5th hours. No class for 2nd and 6th hours.  Check and collect Directed Reading worksheet 2-1'What is Sound?'.  Watch Power Point for Chapter 2 section 2 'Properties of Sound'.  Do Math Practice 'The Speed of Sound' pg. 37 and Quick Lab pg. 39 'Sounding Board'.  Skim chapter 2 section 2 'Properties of Sound' while doing Directed Reading Worksheet 2-2 'Properties of Sound'.  Do Sound Lab 1.  Continue working on test notes. 

    Thursday 4/26:  Block Schedule for 2nd and 6th hours. No class for 1st and 5th hours.  Repeat Wednesday 4/25 Plans.  

    Friday 4/27:  Check and collect Directed Reading Worksheet 2-2 'Properties of Sound' and Sound Lab 1.  Watch Power Point for chapter 2 section 3 'Interactions of Sound Waves'.  Skim chapter 2 section 3 while working on Directed Reading Worksheet 2-3 'Interactions of Sound Waves'.   

  • 6th Grade Lesson Plans & Worksheets

    Monday 4/16: Snow Day

    Tuesday 4/17: Snow Day

    Wednesday 4/18:  Butterfly Garden Project

    Thursday 4/19:  Check and collect 'Save the Cube!' Lab pg. 200. Begin reading and discussion of chapter 6 section 3 'Heat and Matter'.  Do Directed Reading Worksheet 6-3 'Heat and Matter'  

    Friday 4/20:  Check and collect Directed Reading Worksheet 6-3 'Heat and Matter'. 

    Monday 4/23:    NWEA Science Test.

    Tuesday 4/24: NWEA Science Test.

    Wednesday 4/25: Finish  'Feel the Heat' Lab pgs. 174-175. Read and discuss Chapter 6 section 4 'Heat Technology'.  Do chapter 6 section 4 Directed Reading Worksheet 'Heat Technology'.  

    Thursday 4/26: Check and collect 'Feel the Heat Lab' and Directed Reading Worksheet chp 6 section 4.  Do Chapter Review pgs. 178-179.  

    Friday 4/27:  Check and collect Chapter Review pgs. 178 - 179.  Work on Garden Project.