Topic outline

  • 6th Hour Math Class

    6th hour Math

    Students will be taught through direct instruction and using technology to help reinforce what is being taught in the classroom.  All assignments will align to your student's IEP goals and objectives in the area of mathematics.  Your student can also get extra practice by logging on to  That way their math skills will always stay fresh.  




    • 1st and 2nd Hour ELA

      What to Expect

      Your student will have spelling words for two weeks at a time.  The first group of words will be distributed on September 11th.  The spelling assessment will be on September 22nd.  Students should practice the words daily to ensure success on the assessment

      Each day your student rotates through three stations.  The stations will be working on the following: Technology (computers) will be used through the program  Students have been given assignments that they will need to work on while using this program.  Direct Instruction will be used to assess fluency, teach new skills, or work on a current skill.  Independent Practice will be used daily to help students gain knowledge and confidence in reading.

      If you have any questions, please contact me at 

      • Academic Lab Class

        Students will be graded on their self assessment and an average of their current grades on every Monday will be your student's grade will be posted/updated.

        If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Giammalva at 348-2270 or

        • Homeroom

          Welcome 7th Graders to Seventh Grade Section 5

          I'm pleased to announce that all students have turned in their forms that were given on the first day of school.

          Students will have the option to run to be the student council representative.  On September 12, each student will have the opportunity to write a speech for the class to be voted on representing their homeroom.

          Picture day is this Thursday, September 14th.  Even if your child is not going to be purchasing pictures, he/she needs to get their picture taken for their ID badge.  Please remind them to get it taken that morning.

          Any questions please call Mrs. Giammalva at 348-2270 or email