Topic outline

  • Technology Department Guiding Principles

    • Design, deploy, manage, & maintain the district's technology infrastructure which includes network cabling, network electronics, wireless, servers, storage, backup & restores, web presence, and software applications.

    • Provide friendly, courteous, & timely customer service.

    • Seamlessly implement appropriate, best-practice instructional technology to support the educational goals of the district Teaching & Learning Council.

    • Provide staff professional development to ensure successful technology adoption.
    • Logistics

      Technology Plan (Soon to be baked into school improvement plan)
      Technology Training (TTT)
      • Technology Task Force


        Howard Bates, Sean Byram, Ben Werden, Cody Everingham, Nikky Willison, Sarah Harju, Amy Speigl, Sam Willson, Carol VanHoosier, Trista Teuscher, Chris Thomas, Morgan Saunders, Kim Block, Lisa Leavy, Becky Smith, Molly Werden, Lauren Liebler, Chrissy Swiss, Michelle Blint

        Current Agenda Items:

        • Nikky Willison Minecraft presentation
        • PowerTeacher Pro
        • Additional laptop carts
        • ADA website compliance
        • Refresh strategy

        Next Meeting Date:

        Tuesday, November 29th @3:45pm [ Spitler Board Room ]

      • The Section of Great Stuff!

        A great TechEd magazine:

        This is a great website for purchasing new computers:

        This is a great website for installing a lot of your software needs on your computer:

        This is a great, free image editor: