Topic outline

  • Public Schools of Petoskey 1:1 Initiative

    Here you will find the grant application process and all training materials needed to revolutionize your classroom.


    • Due Diligence

      There is a growing body of evidence that is proving classrooms that re-imagine themselves for the 21st century, have learning outcomes greatly improved. What does a modern classroom look like? Here are the main factors:

      • Teacher fully utilizing a Learning Management System
      • 1:1 computing environment
      • Active learning and peer instruction using Plickers or Kahoot
      • Self-paced learning opportunities
      • Gamification using:
        • Badges
        • Levels
        • Leaderboards
        • Immediate feedback
        • Progress bars

      What we'd like to do in this application process is expose you to the key points so you have a better understanding of the tremendous amount of work that's involved, but also show you the rewards of improved student educational outcomes.

      During this process you will be awarded badges and levels as you progress through the lessons. There will also be unlockable rewards based on higher performance of objectives.

      Ultimately, the desired outcome follows the last column of THIS RUBRIC.

      Once you're ready, you'll first have to create a Moodle account. That is as simple as logging in with your regular school username & password [ top-right corner of this page ], answering the questions [ first name, last name, & email address ], and clicking submit. 

      Once logged in with your new account, please begin by taking the first lesson below.