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  • Logos, Font, & Colors


    • Logos

      PPS_Logo             PPS Logo2

      • Colors

        PPS Color 1     PPS Color 2     Color 3

        • Guidelines

          • Use only one version of the logo per piece (with the exception of address blocks on pieces that are mailed). 

          • Leave clear space around the logo that is equal the height of the wordmark when using the horizontal logo or half the height of PETOSKEY in the stacked version of the logo. For example, if the wordmark portion of the signature/logo is 1 inch tall, allow at least one half-inch of clear space around the entire signature/logo. 

          • Be sure there is sufficient contrast between the logo and the background; all elements should be easily readable. 

          • Use high-resolution files for print applications (EPS versions).

          • Constrain the proportions of the logo when increasing and decreasing the image size so the logo is not skewed or distorted. 

          • Use transparent PNG files when placing the logo on a background in documents, spreadsheets and presentations. 

          • Use 200 DPI graphics and photos in Outlook, Word, Excel and PPT to ensure print quality.

          • Use THIS FORM to request changes.