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1. ToC

Professional development is very important to staff members in the Public Schools of Petoskey. Listed here are links for professional growth.

We are working hard to develop a community of learners – a professional learning community or PLC.

== Archived PLC INFORMATION ==

2. Appraisal Feedback Forms

  • Administrators Only
  • Teachers Only

6.1. Agendas

o    Agenda

o    Talking Points

o    Agenda

o    Table of Contents


  • January 2010

o    Agenda

o    Speeding Jigsaw Activity

o    Summarization & Extra Class Time

o    Agenda

o    Quote

o    PowerPoint- Are You Being Heard?

  • February 2011

o    PowerPoint- Are You Working Harder Than Your Students?

o    Clip- What Really Matters in Life?

o    Agenda

o    Contact Log

o    Mentor Report

o    Mentee Report

o    Student Engagement

o    PowerPoint (Intro & Welcome) 

o    District Mentor Documents 

  • January 2013

o    Agenda

o    Worksheet-Reinventing/Restructuring 21st Century Schools

o    Café Activity 

  • April 2013

o    Agenda 

o    “Think About It!” Worksheet 

o    Your Professional Growth Survey 

6.2. District Programs (by year)