Administrator Resources

5. Agendas & Minutes


August 2014
-Core Values
-Admin Retreat 

o  September 2014

o  October 2014
-MDE Program Evaluation Tool
-MDE Program Chart
-Learning Standards
-CCSS Relationships between Subjects 

o  January 2015

 February 2015

o  March 2015
Principal Updates
Lesson Plan Template 

 o  April 2015




    o    Admin Calendar

    o  Retreat

    o    Char-Em A2 Academy "Big Ideas"

    o  Admin Update September 11th

    o  Principals' Meeting, October 1st

    o    Admin Update October 23rd

    o  Principals' Meeting February 5th

    o  Admin Update March 5th

    o  Principals' Meeting March 11th

    o  Principals' Meeting April 15th 


    o    August 27th

    o    October 24th

    o    November 14th

    o    January 9th

    o    May 8th


    o    Retreat 2011-12 (Please refer to notebooks.)


        Good to Great PowerPoint

        POs & Budget Requests

    o    September 2011

        Admin Meeting Agenda

        McRel Leading Schools

        Principals’ Meeting

    o    October 2011

        Admin Meeting

        Principals’ Meeting

        NEW MEAP/MME Benchmark Info

    o    November 2011

    o    January 2012

    o    February 2012

    o    March 2012

    o    April 2012

    o    May 2012


    o    Retreat 2010-11

    o    Refinement PowerPoint

    o    September 2010

        September 15th

        September 21st

    o    October 2010

    o    January 2011

    o    February 2011

    o    March 2011

        Admin Updates


    o    April 2011

    o    May 2011


    o    Retreat 2009-10

    o    September 2009

    o    October 2009

    o    November 2009

    o    January 2010

    o    March 2010

    o    April 2010

    o    May 2010